Take meeting notes in OneNote

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Keep Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 running while you are in meetings and jot down meeting minutes, new ideas, key decisions, and brainstorming ideas.



  • Create a new page for each meeting when you are taking notes and include the date in the title. This makes it easy to scan through all of your meeting notes. 
  • If you have many meetings about the same topic or with the same person, create a new section just for those meetings. 
  • If you use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, when you open an appointment click the Meeting Notes button in the Outlook toolbar. This creates a new page in OneNote 2007 with all of the meeting information, allows you to quickly take notes, and provides a link back to Outlook. 
  • Use Outlook Tasks to create new follow-up items for work items that come up in the meeting. To create a new Outlook Task for the present day, on the Insert menu, click Outlook Task or press CTRL+SHIFT+1.
  • Use Tags to flag important meeting ideas or questions as they come up. To do this, on the Insert menu, click Tag. 
  • You can record your meetings. To do this, on the Insert menu, click Audio Recording. Click the audio icon next to the line in your notes to play back what was said when a line was written.
  • Put meeting notes on a shared notebook so everyone on the team can get access to them. See the OneNote Guide or OneNote 2007 Help for more information.

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